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Why us

We are a group of passionate experts and dedicated professionals.

What makes our animation different?

TheWhiteboarder is one of the first studios to use 4K technology. 4K is known as Ultra High Definition (UHD) and has a considerably higher resolution than 1080P HD which is currently used by most of the other animation studios. This huge difference makes an amazing impact when it comes to video quality.
TheWhiteboarder works with companies of all sizes from global large to SMEs and exciting new startups. We are direct-to-business studio, but we regularly work in collaboration with creative agencies, video production companies and digital marketing agencies.
Great animation is not just about special effects, it requires the knowing of business as well. We are a professional animation company with huge business experience. This is our biggest competitive advantage. We are familiar with different industries, know how they work, know their business models. We can really understand your product, service and market, and then produce a powerful message for your target audience.
We do know marketing. Being able to get your prospect’s attention is crucial in marketing. That’s why it is also important to get creative about it, to think of something that your audience has never seen before.
TheWhiteboarder provide only 100% original artwork, drawn by hand and custom-tailored to our customer’s needs, so clients are safe from copyright issues with us.

We meet deadlines every time, all the time. Our standard delivery is between 2 to 3 weeks (we usually deliver earlier). However, with our Quick Delivery option we can deliver videos in 3 or 5 business days for an extra fee upon request.

We have dedicated Project managers and provide detailed reports (every 48 hours max) about work in progress. This way you never have to guess the status of your project.
Simple payment schedule. The first 50% advance payment is paid before we start. The remaining balance can be paid when you approve the final storyboard and preview your video.
Starting as a 2-man show, TheWhiteboarder now has a full-time team of professionals working to accomplish anything you need to get your perfect animation.
Following the latest graphic design trends and the most recent developments in computer graphics, our team provides you only with the most modern, innovative and top-notch styles and techniques that suit your needs and the needs of today’s market.
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Process of making videos is fun and effective.

It’s unique for each customer and includes several phases – from research and writing to design and animation. So how does it work?

1. Research

After the initial brief we are getting started by doing research about your industry and target audience. This step gives us a good foundation for creative work.

2. Story

Next, together with you, we make clear, engaging messages that will be easy to follow and understand from first to last second. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome.

3. Design

Based on a story approved by you, we create a visual concept and a set of unique graphics that follow the narrative. If you have any additional feedback, this is a good point to let us know.

4. Production

We dive into production work, which includes animation and addition of sounds and music with a professional voice that fit your brand and message.

Your video is now ready to go live.

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