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If you really want to blow your audience away, 3D animation offers a world of possibilities.

The process of 3D animation begins with an idea… a story… Your story!

Our team of professional 3D artists is here to make your vision a reality. Guided by the message you want to convey and the story you want to show to the world, we can create absolutely anything you imagine, the world of 3D animation is boundless and we thrive in it.

But, to create something breathtaking, unique, and amazing, a lot of hard work, skill and passion must be put into the project. Here at The Whiteboarder, we dedicate and put our heart into every animation that comes out of our studio, our main focus is on quality, not quantity! With every project we take on, we make sure that both the client and we are proud of the final product. Working not only for you, but together with you, the story you want to tell will come to life just the way you want it.

And before we reach the final stage where everyone gets to enjoy your vision in 3D, we go through several key steps in the process of creating a 3D animation. The journey from a simple word, an image, an abstract idea, to becoming a reality in 3D video is divided into different phases, and here, we’ll go through them step by step.

Before we delve into the process, let’s see how many different types and techniques of 3D animation are there, and what makes them distinct from one another.

3D Animation Types

Product Animation

When it’s all about the product that you wish to present to the world, turn everyone’s attention to and make it stand out, there’s no better way to do it than with a great 3D animation. Product animation focuses on product rendering and is usually designed to provide a photo-realistic and accurate representation of your product or packaging. However, as we can make anything happen in 3D animation, this opens up a plethora of new ways where you can display the special features, showcase the way your product was made, highlight the design or specific uses, literally create and show anything you want about your product.

Service Animation

No matter what kind of service you’re providing, a video can be made to describe it, better yet – a 3D animation! Whether your service is in the field of medicine, banking, sales, education, marketing, IT, food industry… you name it, our 3D animation is without a doubt the best way to present it. Any kind of scenario that befalls your service is possible to create in 3D. With different styles, approaches to the story, special effects and techniques, we make the impossible possible. If you truly want to stand out from the competition and show to the world how and why your service is the one they should be using, look no further, you’re at the right place.

Character Animation

A great story is often based on great characters and it is our mission to create the best possible 3D characters for your story. Whether it’s a charming mascot, a cute animal, an adorable talking toy, or a mean-looking villain, scary monster, or a unique creature, we can make your character come to life. As the possibilities of 3D animation are endless, so can be your character design, whatever you can imagine we can turn into reality, well virtual reality. But, if you prefer to keep it as real as possible, don’t worry, we can create caricatures or even life-like characters based on you or the people you want to see in 3D.

Medicine and Architecture

When it comes to industries and businesses, one of the most widely spread uses of 3D animation are found in Medicine and Architecture. The high level of details and intricacy that is available in 3D animation make it a perfect tool for doctors, researchers, designers, engineers, and anyone who requires a detailed, yet stylistic, approach to their product, service or business.

The effects of new drugs, the latest medical researches, new ways of showing how our body works and how we can improve our health, there are countless uses of 3D animation in medicine.

There’s no better way to examine and display all of the intricate details involved in an architectural project than with a carefully designed 3D animation. With a 3D video you can go where you normally would never be able to, and see things from a perspective that gives entirely new insight and results.

3D Animation Techniques

Inverse Kinematics

To make a skeleton/character move, we need to control the joints. Inverse Kinematics (IK) is the technique which manipulates the joints of a character to make its movement appear as natural and smooth as possible. IK is applied in robotics, creation of toys, building of any kind of a model which requires movement, and is most often used in 3D animation. The reason why it’s called “inverse” kinematics is because it effectively reverses the direction of the chain manipulation. Instead of starting at the base of the character, the focus is on the limbs and other moving parts. IK simplifies the animation process and is essential in rigging a character’s arms and legs.

Fluid Simulation

Simulating a fluid in 3D may seem like a difficult process, almost impossible to replicate veritably, well, that’s because it is. Stormy seas, flowing water, bubbly drink, fire, clouds, explosions… all of these effects are some of the most difficult, and rewarding, processes to carry out in 3D animation. Depending on the level of complexity, fluid animation can be some of the most time-consuming and skill-demanding tasks for any 3D animator. Still, it is one of the most sought-after techniques in many different industries, ranging from films and video games, all the way to advertisements, promotional videos and product showcasing.

3D Skeletal Animation

Bone-based animation, or skeletal animation, is a technique which brings two main components together: a surface representation of the object where the animator draws the object or mesh (skin, mesh, character), and the added animations to that object using a set of interconnected bones in a skeleton (skeleton, rig, set of bones). This technique is mostly used for animating characters, but it is applicable to pretty much anything you might want to create in 3D; cars, animals, moving objects, etc. By defining the rigging, keyframes, and the final output, there’s nothing that cannot be done in 3D animation with the right set of skills and proper techniques.

Difference between 2D and 3D Animation

The terms of 2D and 3D refer to dimensions: Two-dimensional and Three dimensions. The objects in 2D appear only flat, they possess only height and width but no depth. much like a picture or a photograph. But the 3D animation makes the object feel like a sculpture to the viewer where it can be surrounded and viewed from any angle as the camera can turn around. The 3D animation makes the scenes, characters and objects appear far more realistic and lifelike, depending on the desired style.

3D animation is a significantly more demanding process as it requires the use of different techniques, more advanced software and hardware, highly skilled illustrators and animators, longer production time and a greater amount of resources allocated to a single project. The budgets for 3D animation are negotiated for each project individually, depending on the complexity of the animation.

So, why even choose 3D animation over 2D? Well, it’s simple – 3D animation allows you to create things that are just impossible to do in 2D, and with a professional team like ours, there is absolutely nothing we can’t create in 3D for you. The only limit is your imagination.

Depending on the nature of your project, your target audience, the desired goals, and the results you wish to achieve, the choice between 2D and 3D can be crucial. You can feel free to contact us for a free consultation to help you find the perfect choice for you!

3D Animation Process


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