How Retail Companies Can Use 2D & 3D Animated Videos

Food & beverage stores, Sport goods stores, Clothing stores, Electronics & appliance stores, Pharmacy/drug stores, Motor vehicle & parts dealers, General merchandise stores (hypermarkets, department stores, discount stores), Furniture stores, Food & drinking places, Gasoline stations, Building material dealers, Book & music stores, Non-store retailers (Internet shopping, catalog, direct sales)…

No matter what types of goods you deal with, animated explainer video can help you make sales and increase conversions. Animated video is a great way to engage consumers and present brand information in a unique and memorable way. There are many ways companies in retail industries can use animated explainer videos.

  • Product Offering Video – Present your product or product line in an engaging way that will instantly grab the attention of your customers and generate interest in your items.
  • Ordering Process Video – Using animated explainer video is an easy way to provide information about the ordering process for a store, whether it’s an e-store or brick-and-mortar establishment.
  • Promo Video – The concise and appealing format of animated explainer video makes for an amazing promotional resource. You can easily highlight the benefits and show the buyers why your product can benefit them.
  • Story about product – Using a short and meaningful narrative, you can bring people closer to your product, make them feel more connected and familiar with the story behind it. This will make them feel more confident and determined to use your services.
  • Sales Tool – Place animated videos on your landing pages, sit back and watch how your sales grow. Send them in emails, incorporate them in general sales or content marketing campaigns, share on social media and let the videos do the talking.
  • Contest Explainer Video – Whenever you need to explain the rules of a special offer or contest quickly and generate excitement, animated video is the perfect solution.

Benefits for Retailers

Because animated explainer video are so versatile, there are many ways retailers and other consumer brands can benefit from them:

  • Increase Brand Awareness – Animated animation videos are fun to watch and packed with interesting and useful information. The short format makes it very easy to watch on the go and share with others. Your consumers will like the video and share it, significantly increasing the visibility of your brand. Creating a series of animated videos will establish your brand as a recognizable name in the market and generate even more trust and appeal.
  • Improve Customer Service – Be one step ahead of any potential issues and make an animated video with frequently asked questions, clear any confusion and improve your customer services. Inform the buyers about new products, special offers or discounts.
  • Establish Yourself as Market Leader – Let people know why you are the best choice in the market, highlight your strong points and present your business in the most effective way. Producing high-quality animated videos can help earn consumers’ trust and show your value.

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