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We create everything from scratch!

The main characters are based on pictures of real people you send to us, you can select their appearance, clothing style, accessories, and any details you envision. All environments are custom-made as well. Whether it’s your office space, home, or any kind of indoor/outdoor setting, we can put it in the video.

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Main benefits of using 2D & 3D animated videos

  • Strongly grab attention

  • Cool, entertaining and educative

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Timeless product

  • Engaging characters make them so enticing and charming

  • Convenient for busy people

  • Google loves animated videos

  • Describe your product in seconds

  • Boost conversions and sales

  • Bring back great memories from childhood (fun, joy, freedom, amusement…)

  • To the point and memorable

  • Powerful branding

  • Easy to post, easy to share, easy to search

  • Videos and social media are a match made in heaven

Our Happy Clients

Once you have an idea to share with huge group of employees, you need to find good way to do that. 2D animated video is great way to share ideas clearly and with strong identification with your audience. My experience with The Whiteboarder team is excellent. Such a young, professional and client oriented team makes your work easier and makes possible to see your imagination on the screen.

Marina Mitic-Jekic, Senior HR director Stada Eastern Eurpoean Cluster

Highly professional collaboration! The Whiteboarder knows not only our industry but also the finesses of all its different aspects. That is why we hired them to produce a series of creative videos. Using the latest technologies, they managed to visually capture and present our diversified business offer and products portfolio to the existing and future clients. Even today, we actively use the videos on our social media networks, our website, at conferences, fairs, and sales meetings. They have sparked a special interest with our clients and partners in the US market.

Rade Vujović, General Manager Enetel Solutions

The Whiteboarder is a perfect collaboration of creative thinkers and business insiders who know what will deliver maximum results. Having worked with them on multiple 3D projects, commercial and creative, I was able to show my target audience superior content at a fraction of the cost. The Whiteboarder is an organization very well versed in multiple industries, marketing strategies and were able to convey exactly the message my film and commercial projects needed. Using modern technology in combination with traditional styles, the animators brought real life characters and scenes I sent to them into very realistic animations. Thank you to The Whiteboarder for providing superior quality at an optimal price, you added to my bottom line by increasing revenue and minimizing cost.

Damir Geljo, Creative Producer, President, Sales Agent at Black Torch Production
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tolles Video, schnelle Produktion und hervorragende Zusammenarbeit – was will man mehr

Walter Rädler, Mitglied Kommission Schulschach der Europäischen Schachunion, langjähriger Vorstand der Deutschen Schulschachstiftung, Ehrenpräsident Schachclub Vaterstetten

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20 ways your business can utilize 2D & 3D animated videos.

Product description

Describing your innovative product in an understandable manner is of great importance. 2D & 3D animated videos can help a lot.

Service overview

If you are running a beauty salon, car service, gym, restaurant or spa, and want to tell about the services you provide, 2D & 3D animated video is the perfect solution.

Launching new products and services

2D & 3D animated video is the best way to make sure your customers know what is coming and know how it works.

Sales tool

One of the most effective uses of 2D & 3D animated videos is for sales message delivery. 2D & 3D animated video can go where sales people sometimes can’t.

Client meetings

2D & 3D animated video can also act as a great introduction to client meetings, whether they are one-off or regular review meetings.

Founder story

For the introduction of a company, 2D & 3D animated videos are mostly placed on the home page of the website.

Trade Shows

Many companies use 2D & 3D animated video playing on big monitors to attract visitors at trade shows.

Starting up a business

With the right marketing strategy and 2D/3D animated video, you can have success immediately. It will set the right tone for your new business.

Start-up pitch

As 2D & 3D animated video conveys a lot of information in a very short amount of time, it becomes very useful for start-ups as well.


2D & 3D animated video increases web traffic and page views.

Landing page

2D & 3D animated videos are a very powerful addition to landing pages because you can immediately engage your audience.

Online shop

Major retailers have found that 90% of online shoppers have said that a 2D & 3D animated video was useful in guiding them to make a purchase.

Customer Support, FAQ’s or Tutorials

Most customers would prefer to watch 2D & 3D animated video before contacting you or reading lengthy manuals.

Email Newsletters

2D & 3D animated video can be a great source of content for your email newsletters and campaigns.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads allow you to show 2D & 3D animated content to people who have visited your site at some point in the past.

Internal Communications

These types of 2D & 3D animated videos are created to communicate new initiatives within the company.

Communication of new corporate strategy

With 2D & 3D animated video, new strategy can be easily distributed among employees, business partners and clients.

Presentation intros

When you have a live presentation to a large audience, the biggest challenge is how to start. First impressions count.

Internal Training

You can also use 2D & 3D animated video internally for training.

Staff Motivation

2D & 3D animated video could help employees to understand the reasons for and benefits of the restructure, show them why the old structure no longer worked, and encourage them to follow the new working processes.


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