About us

We are a small group of dedicated professionals

We produce custom, compelling and eye-catching 2D & 3D animated videos.

Sasa Djunisijevic


Awarded banking professional with 15+ years of business experience. Academically founded at Sheffield University UK with core competencies in corporate banking, digital marketing, digital transformation and sales management.

Dealing with the most demanding small, mid-sized and large companies helped me to form excellent understanding of different businesses. Because of that, my creative team and I have 360 degrees overview of the client’s business, we are familiar with different industries, know their business models and how they work. With this vast experience we can really understand different products, services and create a powerful message for the target audience.

Ksenija Smoje

Bussines Development Manager
(UK office)
Chester, England
mobile: +44(0)7740029773

As an architect and interior designer, with a sharp eye for detail, Ksenija enjoys the process of turning clients’ ideas into reality.

Her strong background in sales developed a great commitment to client service and her enthusiastic approach helps in moving things forward and solving any problems that may come up.

Recent lecturing experience in the UK enhanced and made apparent the importance of communication and clear presentation to diverse audience which is why she decided to join the thewhiteboarder creative team.

Pavle Ivanovic

Pavle Ivanovic

Project manager / Copywriter
Mobile: +381 64 96 06 412
Email: pavle.ivanovic@thewhiteboarder.com

With 5 years of experience in creating original content for various magazines, companies, websites and blogs, Pavle Ivanovic has developed a keen sense of online writing and expressing ideas through words.

As a deeply creative individual, I am passionate about any challenge set before me which I can tackle through writing and my imaginative force. I can make your idea bloom and get the message across in the most engaging and impactful way.

Igor Cecez

Project Manager
Mobile: +381 64 10 98 169
Email: igor.cecez@thewhiteboarder.com

Most people can hear but few of them can listen to what others have to say. Well, I’m often described as a very good listener. Tell me your story, share your problem with me and I’ll help you find the best possible solution. The harder the problem the more engaged I become in solving it. Although I’m very good with words, I always keep it simple so that everybody can understand me. I never sell products, I just help you buy the right one.

Aleksandar Tanaskovic

Business Development Manager
Mobile: +381 63 682 473
Email: aleksanadar.tanaskovic@thewhiteboarder.com

Almost 20 years of experience in direct selling, export & import business and retail & corporate banking. Strong expertise in sales, business development, relationship building, branch management etc.

Alex Katanic

Business Development Manager

Email: aleksandar.katanic@thewhiteboarder.com

I am responsible for developing the business side of a company. My goal is to identify new business opportunities, new markets, partnerships and new ways to reach existing markets. Creating sales pitches, managing client accounts, finding and following new sales leads, arranging business meetings with prospective clients, building trust and long-term relationships are some of my daily duties.



I have a gift to visualize everything I hear. I can transfer everyone’s thought into a beautiful picture. Every project is a challenge for me and a new opportunity to show my drawing skills through any existing style.



I was always passionate about good music and e-sports, but when it comes to an audio-visual relationship, my brain explodes into a creative madness. Have I mentioned that I invented an After Effects script which is connected wirelessly to my brain and everything that I imagine is translated into the keyframes? It’s not for sale by the way.

Looking forward to working on your video.



When I was born, my first word was a keyframe. As I grew, my body layers were always a bit scaled up among others. My rig is also pretty good as well. I am able to play sports, to be good at gaming and also in teaching. Jokes aside, I am a proud member of TheWhiteboarder team and experienced After Effects artist who doesn’t know what “I don’t know” means. Looking forward to making an amazing animation for you.

Predrag Pavlov


I love and enjoy what I do. After so many years of experience working in the animation field, I realized that my objectives are to work on creative and challenging projects, that will improve my professional skills and help me grow as a professional.

Animation can be: Yes, No, and WOW.
I will go that extra mile to provide that WOW effect.

No project is too small for me to tackle.

Marina Karanjac


Everything flows from one form to another, idea to word, word to graphics, graphics to movement. All the phases are equally wonderful, but for me the language of graphics is the closest. That’s why I stand in front of your script with a pencil in my hand, because lines, shapes and colors are the language I speak. It is my pleasure, because my creativity never sleeps.

Dragan Vukicevic

Digital Product Designer

Started as a brand identity and graphic designer 15 years ago, I dove in head first into the visual design world. Over the years, the industry changed and I developed my skills and widened my interests. Today, I am a digital product designer with a wide range of design and programming skills, centered on firm belief in the well-crafted and meaningful design that solves problems and enhances the visual experience.