How Manufacturing and Logistics companies can use 2D & 3D Animated Video

In broad-scoped and complex industries, such as manufacturing, stakeholders at different levels need to be able to get a sense of the big picture. Clarity and insight are necessary not just for the customer, but for the suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and all of the parties involved.

The versatility and possibilities of 2D & 3D animated videos are endless, you can achieve any goal you have in mind and relay whatever message is necessary. The format allows your manufacturing company to communicate across geographical, lingual and boundaries of different levels in the company. Animated videos can go where most other means of communication cannot, and it is proven to be highly effective and easier to make. Effective exchange of information is critical to any successful business, no matter what size. Especially in manufacture and logistics, having all the employees know their roles and how the process works is of utter importance.

Animated video is an invaluable tool that serves this purpose and many others.

Workflow video

One of the most important elements in manufacturing and logistics is the actual workflow. Often, some segments of it cannot be filmed, but everything can be displayed easily and interestingly through animated videos. Help your partners and clients understand your company better, and make sure your employees have a firm grasp on the workflow process with an animated video.

Product Video

Regardless of the nature of the product itself, people need to know what it is and why it is produced. Not all products are easy to market, some of them fall somewhere in the middle of the supply chain and it can be difficult to communicate their message and potential. Animated video can target any level of the supply chain, highlight the important aspects and get the message across.

Video for Attracting new partners in Supply Chain

Getting new channel partners, drawing in distributors and other businesses, or simply communicating changes to the supply chain, animated video is the most effective way to get everyone on the same page with consistent messaging.

Distributor Information Video

Video provides a quick, effective and easy-to-make source of information about the distributors which make your product available.

Trade Show Video

Many manufacturers use 2D & 3D animated video playing on big monitors to attract visitors at trade shows.

Customer Support Video

Sometimes your potential customers understand why your business is great, but don’t know how to use your product or service. 2D & 3D animated video is a great way of showing how your product or service works in simple step-by-step instructions. Most customers would prefer to watch product HOW TOs online before contacting you or reading lengthy manuals.

Internal Communications Video

2D & 3D animated video is often used to train employees or to implement changes within an organization. It is a great way to clearly communicate an important message to all the employees. It is also frequently used for internal presentations.

At The Whiteboarder, we produce 2D & 3D animated videos that are easy to understand and can be shared between all stakeholders. Through our animated videos we aim to strengthen your relationship with your employees, partners and customers.

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