How Real Estate companies can use 2D & 3D Animated Videos

The Real Estate industry is known for being highly competitive and tough, with only the strongest ones surviving long enough to become successful and thrive. So how can you make your name stand out in the market and attract more business?

With animated video you can quickly set your company apart from the rest and become a recognizable brand associated with success and trust. In a video of just under 2 minutes you can create a real estate message that will speak louder than any other marketing campaign.

If you want to show people that you truly care to put in the effort and personal touch to help customers find their dream home, say it in animated video. Highlight your message and the strong points of your offer, show everyone why picking you is the right choice to make.

No one wants to read long walls of text or pamphlets and boring ads, people need something more these days. The short and effective form of animated video is the perfect tool to grab the viewer’s attention and focus on your key points. They will absorb much more information in a much shorter amount of time.

Some aspects of financial planning or procedures can be boring and tedious to clients, but 2D & 3D animated video can make it all fun to watch, and educational. People retain much more information through an interesting animation and good storyline, you can rest assured your customers will walk away happy and confident in their decisions.

Various ways you can use animated videos

The versatility of the short video form allows for countless uses of animated videos, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Talk about new changes in home loan procedures.
  • Have you just added new services or expanded areas?
  • Position your brand as the leading one in the community.
  • Introduce your real estate sales force.

The videos are easily posted and shared through emails, on websites and social media, you can simply let the animated video do the talking for you.

The Whiteboarder works closely with your company so we could fully understand what you want to accomplish and make it happen. Our dedicated team of experts will produce a custom tailored Real Estate 2D & 3D animated video to best suit your needs and goals.

OK, you realized that you need 2D & 3D animated video for your Real estate Company. Now what?

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Here at The Whiteboarder, we can help you create 2D & 3D animated videos that are a perfect fit for any stage in your buyer’s journey. So don’t stop with just one video, as it won’t fully serve its purpose. Time is running out, let’s get started! Arrange a free consultation with our experts and get the animated video that best suits your needs. We look forward to helping you grow your business quickly!

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