How Financial Institutions can use 2D & 3D Animated Videos

Customers can often have difficulties with understanding a new product or service, and consequentially, it can fail due to the poor reception. Clients and consumers don’t have the time or the will to read the long, tedious policy change announcements, they need something which highlights the important information and imparts it in an easy to understand and meaningful way. Instead of the miles of text and ineffective explanations, try animated videos.

Financial statistics can be dry and exhausting to go through, but there is a way to make even the most tedious numbers and reports become vivid and interesting. 2D & 3D animated videos can turn the dullest reports come to life and present them in a fun and interesting way for everyone to understand. Animated charts, mind maps, vivid colors and interesting characters can say everything you need to relate in a much more digestible and effective way. Complicated internal procedures, financial services, new products and options, you name it, animated video will make it shine. Most banks and financial companies utilize animated explainer videos to create trust with their customers and expand their reach in the market. They are ideal marketing tools for financial services, and here are some of the types we work with:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment firms
  • Private equity firms
  • Fin-tech startups

Endless internal and external possibilities

A well-crafted 90-second video can say a lot more than a stack of pages of a document. Time is money, and no other sector should know this more than the finances. An effective animated video works for you in so many different ways, it gets even the most complex messages across in a fun manner and it can be so well-received that the customers even share it with others on their social media.

Everyone appreciates a personal touch, and animated video makes you approachable, relatable and forms a sense of familiarity with your audience. You can use it to break the ice between company officials, make the first step when creating a lasting business bond, and even reaffirm and upgrade the existing ones.

Product or Service description

Explaining the innovative product in a very understandable manner is as of great importance for financial services. You can present new or more complex products such as M-banking, Hedging, Letter of credits, Factoring, Leasing… You can highlight the advantages of your loans or credit cards, payroll benefits… Use animated lively characters and talk about your services, discounts, special offers… Attract your audience and expand your reach. When launching new products/services, 2D & 3D animated video is the best way to make sure your customers know what is coming and know how it works.

Animated video can be used for sales presentations as well. If your sales team is constantly repeating the same pitch and delivering the same overview of what your company does, animated explainer video could be a great, time-saving resource for them. It can also act as a great introduction to client meetings, whether they are one-off or regular review meetings. You can make an overview of your achievements with this client over the last few years in order to prepare a solid foundation for future projects.

Internal Communications

2D & 3D animated videos can be created to communicate new initiatives within the company. You can use a video to train employees or to present changes within an organization. It is a great way to clearly communicate an important message to all your employees. It is also frequently used for internal presentations. People are now bored of viewing the typical slide shows, they need something engaging. This is a great chance to surprise the panel with something new and effective.


You can also use 2D & 3D animated videos internally for training. Whether you need to present compliance training videos or introduce new HR policies, animated video series can be a unique way to ensure your employees get the message. If you work with newcomers, a creative 2D & 3D animated video series can demonstrate company’s culture and put the employees at ease.

Educational videos on Website

Credit, loans, savings and other banking and financial topics can be too cumbersome for many individuals. By providing an engaging 2D & 3D animated video to your consumers, you can have them understand and process all of the finest points of the concepts and services you offer. This way, people will have a better grasp of the facts and terms, making them more confident and eager to become customers.

Policy change announcements

Whenever major changes in the policies or modifications in business practice come up, both the customers and the employees must be notified in a timely and easy-to-understand manner. The most effective way to make a quick and clear explanation of the changes is through animated video.

Your customers will strongly appreciate this new approach

The possibilities of using 2D & 3D animated videos are endless, and new benefits are still being discovered with each different approach. Customers will no longer be left baffled and confused by your services or offers, your bank will receive fewer calls about misunderstandings and questions regarding the business, and overall, everyone will be more satisfied. Let 2D & 3D animated videos do the customer service for you and build trust from the start.

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