How Human Resources Can use 2D & 3D Animated Videos

The Human Resource department is responsible for on-boarding new hires, relaying guidelines, sets of rules, and imparting the basic information about the company. This means there are a lot of details to be handled and delivered in an effective manner to both new and old employees.

2D & 3D animated videos serve as the best tool to communicate this kind of information quickly and effectively. It has already become an essential tool for most HR departments as it makes work simpler for all the included parties.

Duties of the HR department include keeping employees motivated, making sure they are well trained, promoting workplace safety and handling employee relations. The ability of animated videos to keep multiple senses engaged at once makes them excellent substitutes for traditional training methodologies, which have become obsolete in almost every sense.

Combining visual and auditory stimulation, animated video is proven to be the most effective way to impart information and make it stick with the viewer. HR rules and guidelines are not to be taken lightly, and this way you can make sure the message gets across to all of the employees.

Here are the main uses of 2D & 3D animated videos for HR purposes:

  • Employee training – Using animated training video is a unique way to make sure that employees retain the information they need to be successful on the job. Newcomers always require training on complicated procedures or the use of certain computer systems or specific company policies. The benefit of animated video is to quickly distill complex ideas into a comprehensible message which makes it an excellent training tool. Old employees can also benefit from this resource.
  • Compliance and Employee Orientation – There are number of issues that need to be addressed during on-boarding, including company standards and rules. These regulations aren’t the most exciting part of starting a new position, but they are very important. Use an engaging human resources video to get new staff acquainted with policies.
  • Health and Legal Animated Videos – Occupational hazards, workplace relations and a plethora of other important topics can be addressed with 2D & 3D animated videos. All of these subjects are crucial to creating and maintaining a safe and enjoyable work environment. Moreover, these topics are vital to the integrity of a business, therefore it is paramount the workers truly comprehend and retain the information.
  • Policies and procedures – In the case of internal policy changes or issuing reminders about procedures, HR can simply send out 2D & 3D animated video to quickly share and deliver all the necessary information.
  • Internal announcements – Corporate events, important date reminders, new recruiting policies or changes in the procedure, whatever the subject may be, it is best delivered through an interesting animated video.
  • Motivation – Every now and then employees need a boost in the motivation. Animated videos can be used as powerful tools to share motivational messages with employees and inspire them to do even better.
  • New initiatives – 2D & 3D animated videos are often created to communicate new initiatives within the company.
  • Presentations anywhere – Whenever and wherever people might need the information, now they can get it with animated video. It is a versatile medium that can be easily shared, viewed and accessed at their convenience. Nobody wants boring and typical slide shows anymore, surprise the employees with something refreshing and new.
  • Support Pages – Internal software and other aspects of a business can often make employees confused or in need of help. Instead of having them call the IT department all the time, the Human Resources can simply create animated video that efficiently explains how to troubleshoot common problems and save time for everyone. With a video like this, your employees can actually solve problems in a timely manner themselves rather than seeking assistance.

Benefits of using Animated Video for Human Resources

For any successful organization, communication is key. The HR department must make sure any means of communication and important procedures are dealt with properly. Animated video has proven to be one of the most effective means of handling these tasks. Countless studies have confirmed people process and retain information much more aptly through animated video. Viewers’ comprehension is increased by an astounding 75 percent when it is presented with animated video.

Some of the procedures, regulations and information can be cumbersome and not so easy to understand and follow, and this often results in neglecting and violation. This is where animated videos truly shine in the sense that the versatile and short format of the video can encapsulate the essence and impart the necessary knowledge in an engaging way. You can even keep track of who is watching the videos, so you can easily identify those employees who need reminders. The versatile format of animated video allows you to create quizzes and testing tools on top of a video program, you could implement even a short quiz to test and refresh the knowledge and comprehension of the employees.

Power Point presentations, lengthy manuals and tedious slide shows have all become inferior to the singularity of 2D & 3D animated video. With an easy to follow and interesting narrative structure, coupled with engaging animations and concise format, viewers are not only entertained and focused, but also informed and receptive of the new information much more than when compared to the other means.

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