How Travel and Hospitality Companies can use 2D & 3D Animated Videos

Travel and hospitality companies must form and maintain a relationship with the customers based on trust, integrity, quality of service and reliability. The best way to showcase your company’s attributes and start building on such a relationship with the clients is to create animated video. Share it through emails, post it on social media and get one for your website’s landing pages to make your clients feel connected to your services.

Travel 2D & 3D animated videos can be super fun and engaging. The biggest challenge is to help build trust with your audience and establish your name as authoritative in the business. We can visualize your prospects in new and different countries, show people having fun and enjoying their experience with your company, highlight the benefits of your special offers and tease at your best deals. Other details can include what makes your service unique and different, why you are the right choice, and finally, a call to action will get the viewer to quickly become your next loyal client.

Highlight Your Services

Show how your hotel or restaurant can help travelers and offer something your competitors can’t, this way the visitors will have an additional impulse to make reservations.

A lot of travelers are concerned with the procedures and facilities in a foreign country, make an FAQ animated video to address these questions and concerns. Show your guests how they can easily reserve a room, book a table in a restaurant or book a tour on your website. Address the issues of airline ticket refunds, present your facilities and highlight the special offers. The uses for animated videos in travel and hospitality are endless.

Whenever you’re sending out newsletters or emails to your consumers, include a cute animated video in it and make it an enjoyable experience, and besides, 82% more people are inclined to open emails containing videos in them.

Friendly and amusing spokesperson

Finding the right voice for your business has never been easier. Through efficiently crafted storyline, friendly voice over and appealing animations, your animated video can significantly increase conversion rates. Customers will get a much better understanding of your company and what it offers. The video will build trust and establish a connection with your clients’ needs.
You don’t have to have an employee try and answer all of your customers’ questions, your personalized animated video will be available wherever, whenever. If your clients need to look up some of your special offers or revisit the big sale promotions, all they need to do is click on the video again.

OK, you realized that you need 2D & 3D animated video for your Hotel or Travel agency. Now what?

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