Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose to work with The Whiteboarder?2020-09-01T19:53:03+00:00

The Whiteboarder is a group of dedicated business people, designers, illustrators and animators who can effectively communicate your message through an engaging 2D & 3D animated video. We have experience working with a wide variety of industries and serving many different companies. We work with both small businesses (including start-ups) and large companies.

Our creatives draw everything from scratch and all our videos are fully customized. The main characters are based on pictures of real people you send to us, you can select their appearance, clothing style, accessories, and any details you envision. Environments are custom-made as well. Whether it’s your office space, home, work station, or any kind of indoor/outdoor setting, wherever the location may be, we can put it in the video.

We are mostly direct-to-business studio, but we regularly work in collaboration with marketing agencies. We’re big enough to accommodate all needs across the range of industries and small enough to deliver the personal care and attention of a boutique agency.

  • 100% Authentic & Unique Artwork
  • Dedicated Project Manager accessible by phone
  • No hidden fees, no surprises
How can I be sure that you will be able to clearly communicate my idea?2018-02-12T22:09:04+00:00

The answer is simple. We know business and marketing. We are a professional animation company with huge business experience. This is our biggest competitive advantage. We are familiar with different industries, know how they work, know their business models. We can really understand your product, service and market, and then produce a powerful message for your target audience.

How long does it take?2020-09-01T15:52:03+00:00

2D & 3D animated video creation process will take approximately 4-5 weeks to complete.

How do the feedback and revisions work?2018-02-12T22:11:26+00:00

After each step of the process, you will be given a chance to provide your own feedback in which you can suggest edits to be made. Once a step of the video process is approved by you, we’ll move forward to the next one.

How long should my animated video be?2020-09-01T15:53:18+00:00

We would recommend making your 2D & 3D animated video less than 2 minutes long (90 seconds is the ideal length).

What are the payment schedule and terms?2020-09-01T15:57:45+00:00

The payment method is a 50% upfront and 50% after 2D or 3D animated video is completed and approved by the client. Milestone payment schedule can be established as well, especially for large projects. They payments are usually done through regular banking transfers.

What is your refund policy please? What happens if I’m not satisfied with the final product?2020-09-01T15:58:34+00:00

The Whiteboarder will offer you a 100% refund if we are unable to provide you with the work needed.

Note: In case of any dissatisfaction with our team’s work please notify us immediately. This will allow us to make the necessary adjustments as early as possible.

What do I need to do before getting the project started?2018-02-12T22:12:33+00:00

To get started we will send you the contract and once the 50% upfront payment has been made we can begin the video production.

As soon as we open your project we need you to…

  • Fill out the Video Brief and send it back to us
  • Send your logo in the highest resolution available
  • Provide email addresses of all people who are involved in the project so we can loop them in

That’s all!

Then, we setup your project and give you dedicated project manager. This will allow you to check the progress of your project and communicate with our team at any time. We can then start our Discovery phase. We shall dive into your company target market, message, product/service…

I have some ideas for a script but it’s not 100% ready. Should I submit it for you to revise?2017-08-21T22:02:59+00:00

We can help you with the script (and even re-write it for you). We work with professional script writers that have experience in business. However, if you send us your script, we could give it a look and tell you if it could work for the objective you are looking for.

If I am providing my own script, do I also need to provide you with the drawings ideas?2020-09-01T16:00:52+00:00

No, you don’t have to (unless you want to). Every 2D & 3D animated video order comes with a script and storyboard. That means we are offering you both and they are included in the price.

I need to talk with someone to discuss the project before you get started.2018-02-12T22:19:41+00:00

No problem. All you have to do is just click here to schedule an appointment with us and choose a convenient day/time from the calendar that works for you to set up our meeting.

Will you provide updates on the status of my projects?2017-08-21T22:01:10+00:00

We shall provide you with dedicated project manager. This means you can communicate with our team and check the progress of your project.

What if I want to add or change drawings during video production?2018-02-12T22:21:40+00:00

During storyboard phase, we send you the actual drawings for your review/approval in case you want to make any necessary changes. Then, once the visual storyboard is approved by the client we release the artist from the project and we pass the project to our video editor/animator. If we have to bring the artist back to the project it is subject to an extra fee. That is the reason why we first send you the storyboard for your review and approval before we move to the next stage.

What is the total amount of words for 1 minute video?2017-08-21T22:00:08+00:00

1 minute video should be approximately 150-170 words (with maximum of 6 scenes).

Here are some quick numbers:

  • 60 seconds video = 150-170 words (approx)
  • 90 seconds video = 255 words (approx)
  • 2 minute video = 300-340 words (approx)
  • 3 minute video = 450 to 510 words (approx)
Do you create original and custom artwork or you use clipart/stock photos?2020-09-01T19:54:53+00:00

We DO NOT use stock photos or clipart. We create original custom artwork only. We provide 100% hand-drawn drawings/illustrations, original artwork just for you. Our creatives draw everything from scratch and all our videos are fully customized. The main characters are based on pictures of real people you send to us, you can select their appearance, clothing style, accessories, and any details you envision. Environments are custom-made as well. Whether it’s your office space, home, work station, or any kind of indoor/outdoor setting, wherever the location may be, we can put it in the video.

Can I request custom characters based on a particular character I like or already had drawn?2017-08-21T21:58:08+00:00

There will be an extra fee charged per minute. This is because drawings will be more detailed; therefore it will take more time to create.

After I get the video, can I request any changes?2020-09-01T16:01:41+00:00

We offer unlimited revisions (within reason) during storyboard/illustration phase. Once the artwork/illustrations are approved and after 2D or 3D animated video is produced, any changes to illustrations may be subject to extra fees. While it does take a lot of time to create the illustrations, it takes even more time to prepare them for production for the video.

What happens if I don’t like how the voice over sounds after it’s recorded?2020-09-01T16:02:41+00:00

Once you choose a voice over talent for your 2D or 3D animated video and we get it recorded, unfortunately we can’t go back and record it again without charging an additional fee. If there was a mistake in it or a mispronunciation then we take care of it at no charge, but if it’s something subjective we do need to add a fee.

Can you do a voice over with an English Accent?2017-08-21T21:56:44+00:00

We can do the voice over in UK accent.

I do not want my videos to be displayed on your website2020-09-01T16:03:42+00:00

No problem. You have 100% full copyrights to the material we’ll be providing to you and we’ll not include your 2D or 3D videos in our portfolio.

Who owns the rights to the video?2020-09-01T16:04:31+00:00

You (our client) will have the full rights on the final 2D or 3D animated video to use wherever you want!

What if I have a tight deadline?2018-02-12T22:24:09+00:00

Our standard delivery time for completing projects is about 3 to 4 weeks. All deadlines are scheduled in advance. In other words, you should let us know your deadline prior to placing your order. If any last-minute deadlines occur, it is subject to additional fees based on our team’s availability.

Are there any hidden charges?2019-12-02T10:11:51+00:00

There are cases when additional payments will need to be paid, such as these:

  • If any last-minute deadlines occur that require a faster delivery
  • If you want to add or change something after you have approved the storyboard/voiceover.
What is the format of delivered video?2020-09-01T16:05:36+00:00

We shall deliver 2D or 3D animated video in HD format. You can upload it to YouTube or any other video hosting you want. If you need any other video format, please let us know and we’ll also send it to you.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem, contact us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.