How to create 2D & 3D animated video for your Website

The use of website animated videos has become one of the most powerful ways to reach out to the prospective clients. The whole idea of embedding animated videos on website pages is to engage the visitors as soon as they visit your website.

Nobody in this fast-paced world is patient enough to go through the lengthy, boring written material, or sit through a tedious presentation without their concentration wavering. Animations strongly grab your visitors’ attention and deliver the perfect sales pitch every time someone finds your website. The cartoon style of these videos makes them surprisingly efficient for delivering important information to your site visitors.

Many of our clients come to us with very complex messages that they need to get across to their web visitors quickly and easily. This is where 2D & 3D animated video format comes in.

Numerous Advantages

The advantages of website videos are numerous. They are content-rich which contributes to the achievement of business plans by accelerating the sales. They are short, clear and concise, and they carry all the necessary information. These short website videos have the power to create a public opinion in your favor. The use of website videos allows you to communicate with the target audience in a more effective and impressive manner. It allows you to interact with the viewer and it can help you to get a new image for your company and your product.

Strong Influence on Visitors

Unlike texts, animated web videos are engaging. They succeed in making an instant connection with your current and prospective customers. With words, sounds, music, art, moving images, they create a positive effect in the minds of your customers.

Replace Long Texts

Net surfers today hardly want to spend their precious time reading long texts which are flooding most of the websites. The best way to stay ahead of the game and avoid these inconveniences is to have animated Web videos. They can hold viewers’ attention more than any other medium can. Being short, informative and fun, these videos become an identity of a business, and cannot be ignored by any visitor to the website.

Generates traffic

Animated Web videos grab the attention of a visitor the moment he visits the website, thus generating more traffic to it. Today, no one wants to click or spend enormous amounts of time on walls of text. 2D & 3D animated videos are a fun and informative way to engage your customers who want the information delivered to them fast and conveniently.

The more they watch, the higher you go on Google search

With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, it’s getting more and more difficult to rely solely on SEO techniques to rank your web page higher. Some studies show that websites with videos are 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google. The reason being simple – an animated video on your website increases user attention and engagement, thus increasing the time spent on your site and providing better ranking to your pages.

The more they see, the more they buy

An effective animated video on your page explaining your product and services makes the viewer more confident about your business and increases conversion rates dramatically.

The more they like, the more they share

If visitors enjoy your 2D & 3D animated video, they are more likely to share it in their own social circles and on popular social media networks. Once the videos are shared, they can easily go viral and create free advertising and even more traffic. Animated videos can have a lasting effect on attracting and retaining a large portion of potential online customer base.

Landing Page Animated Video

Perfecting the landing page is an ongoing process, and it’s one of the easiest ways to increase profits. Having a video on your landing page not only increases your chances of appearing at the top of popular search engine results, but it also leads more users to visit your website. As soon as you have an animated video on your landing page, the chances of converting your leads increase drastically. They spend more time on your page than they usually would, which helps your business convey its message to target customers.

Landing pages should not only attract visitors to a website, they should also be designed in such a way that they can influence and persuade the visitors to buy the product or use the services. Landing pages represent your business, and getting a professionally created video by an experienced production team is a decision your company would never regret. Landing page animated videos are informative, explanatory and never fail to entertain the viewers. They contain stories your potential customers can relate themselves with. These videos can double your conversions and click through rates. People much more prefer watching animated videos than reading lengthy texts or navigating through confusing websites. This is why a landing page animated video would make them instantly understand and remember your company and product for a longer time.

A landing page animated video is typically 1-2 minutes in length, and it describes a company, product, or service in a concise and compelling way.

Why You Need a Landing Page Animated Video

Landing page animated video offers a way to passively engage your visitors so they can enjoy your message without any effort. Recent studies showed that using a video on a landing page could increase conversions by as much as 80%.

Surveys show that the average attention span is dropping. In 2000, the magic number was 12 seconds. In 2017, it was down to 8.25 seconds. Only 8 seconds to grab a visitors’ attention? Most text-only web pages aren’t going to keep people interested, which is why having a landing page animated video makes all the difference.

Where a landing page animated video should go?

If you’re considering to develop a landing page animated video, make sure to make a strategy first. It could be the first thing your visitors see and ultimately associate with your business. A big factor in the success of any landing page video is page placement. If it’s buried too deep in the site or too far down the page, no one is going to find it.
Landing page animated video videos can be evergreen. Ideally, this video could stay on the landing page for a few years and continue to bring in new business.

How to craft a killer landing page?

Here are 4 key elements to remember when building a solid landing page:

  1. One of the most important things is a nice looking and eye-catching headline.
  2. Very clear and concise secondary headline is the next important factor, this is one of the first things a visitor will read, it should be straight forward and compelling for the visitor to take a closer look.
  3. Big, bright and strong call to action button that stands out.
  4. Secret weapon of a killer landing page is animated video. It is designed to help viewers quickly grasp the product or service at hand. animated videos are a great way to improve conversion rates and overall engagement. Done right, adding animated video to your landing page can double your conversion rates.

Finally, you can use your 2D & 3D animated video to reinforce your call to action. You could have a physical cue within the video pointing toward the relevant button/link, or a voiced or written instruction urging viewers to act. This should be presented at the end; Animated videos do better when the user knows what to do after the video finishes playing.

Best practices

Here’s a quick summary of the best practices for a video on landing pages:

  1. Keep the animated videos short. Almost without exception you should keep your 2D & 3D animated videos as short as possible. This drive toward brevity should be even more pronounced on landing pages when potential customers are inherently prepared to make a snap judgement on whether to convert. There is almost never any need to create a landing page video longer than 3 minutes.
  2. Make videos exclusively for the landing pages. You wouldn’t have the same general content on your homepage and landing page. So, you probably don’t want to have the same general animated video on your landing page as you have on the homepage. Give the visitors different content to see when they arrive on the landing page.
  3. Put your most important message at the beginning of the video. If you are unable to make your video shorter, or you anticipate a drop in viewership based on length, make sure to present your most important features, benefits and results as early in the video as possible.
  4. Place a call-to-action at the end of the video. Sure, you have plenty of CTAs already on the landing page — that’s why it exists. But don’t miss an opportunity to add one to the end of the animated video itself as it will only increase the effect.

Homepage animated video

Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and 65% of video viewers watch more than 3/4th of the video. The experts have estimated that these numbers will only grow in the future, expecting the video to take up 80% of the consumer internet traffic in this year already. Statistics have also shown that websites with 2D & 3D animated video have an average of an extra 2-minute dwell time compared to sites without video content.
A short and sweet animated video on your homepage is always appreciated by the viewers who are coming to your website for the first time. Hence, your main page video should preferably be under 90 seconds time.

How is a Homepage Video beneficial?

  • It is the best way to showcase the character of your business.
  • It lets you stand out from the competition.
  • It helps you attain a better rank on Google.
  • It is mobile user friendly. 44% mobile users prefer things to be told in the video form.
  • It lets you demonstrate your product in great detail without making viewers lose focus.
  • Having a homepage video increases your chances of ranking on page one of Google by 53 times when compared to a plain text web page.

Homepage video should be short and to the point

When you add 2D & 3D animated video to your homepage, there are a few things to keep in mind to get the best bang for your buck. Make sure to display the animated video ‘above the fold’ so viewers don’t have to work to find your video. Make it large, easy to see and make sure it’s obvious that it’s a video people can click on, and not just another image on your page. Use an exciting headline and a nice big play button, and be sure to include a call-to-action link or form directly below or beside the video.

Homepage video should tell the right story

To get the viewers engaged in what they’re watching, you need to produce relatable content, content that people care about. For a homepage animated video, that means telling a story which resonates with your potential customers and their issues. From there, you need to present your solution, focus on just a few key benefits, and end with a call to action.

Always be testing

Don’t just place an animated video on your homepage and call it a day. Always be testing and experimenting. Use Google Analytics, as well as the data provided by your video host (e.g. YouTube or Wistia) to keep track of how your video is performing and whether or not it has helped increase conversion rates. Tools like Optimizely and Unbounce are just another way to ensure your animated homepage video is a measurable success.

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